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High Point NC Towing Services

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24-hour Emergency Towing and Roadside Assistance

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Towing in High Point NC


One of the most unique things about residing in High Point, North Carolina, is that it’s the only city in the state that includes four different counties. However, because the community remains so spread out, it can make it challenging to find a towing High Point NC provider.

Whether a driver isn’t familiar with the area you broke down in, or they are on the other side of town, you deserve a High Point NC towing company who knows the city well. Who can you rely on for daily service throughout the area, no matter which county you’ve broken down?

When you need fast, friendly drivers and affordable towing rates, you can always count on Quick Tow Service. We can help you with whatever has you stranded, as well as many roadside assistance options.

Why continue waiting for hours for drivers out of Greensboro to track you down? Instead, our local technicians remain the best solution each time you need help.

No one else provides a better quality of service than our staff does every day. Hire the towing service High Point NC drivers trust for every situation you experience out on the road.

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High Point Towing Service


Nearly every driver will experience some event that causes them to pull off. No matter what has disabled your car, you probably need to call for a local towing company High Point NC already knows.

Other service providers may insist on taking your car away, even if it’s an issue with a straightforward fix. Choosing us, however, means always receiving the best solution, from flat tires to staying locked out, helping you with more frustrating situations.

Unfortunately, searching online for a “tow truck near me” only points you towards expensive national brands. In many cases, they operate out of a major hub like Greensboro, Winston-Salem, or even Charlotte, forcing you to wait even longer for service.

Instead, we continue providing superior services throughout the community, helping more area drivers to get home safely than anyone else around. Whether you’re looking to save on standard vehicle hauling or you need other roadside assistance options, we remain the best choice for any call.

We guarantee faster arrivals and lower rates offered 24-hours of every day. No matter when you experience problems with your vehicle, we remain the best tow truck High Point NC residents hire time and again.

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High Point’s Best Towing Services

Our team stays at the ready for your call all day and night. From faster towing options in the middle of the night to early morning roadside assistance services, we’re always the best drivers to call each time. Other companies may only operate during specific business hours, or they may only offer vehicle hauling. In either case, you would wind up spending more on the options your car needs the most. We can help you save more on any of our many service choices. See why more area drivers continue depending on us for all their solutions.

24 Hour Towing

We’ll get you to the nearest mechanic shop faster than any other local towing service.

Dead Battery Jumps

When your battery is run down, we can give it the boost it needs quickly.

Vehicle Lock Outs

We can open most consumer vehicle brands and models to reunite you with your keys.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Depending on what the issue is, we may not even need to tow you anywhere.

Flat Tire Repair & Replacement

Flat tires, slashed tires, bent rims, and more, we fix all of your tire issues.

Winch-Out Services

No matter what has your car spinning its wheels, we can winch you out fast.
The Towing Company In High Point You Can Call On
Most consumers will spend hours researching a product, making sure that it will solve their needs without breaking the bank. And yet, when they need towing service providers, they choose the first number that they see without hesitation. Not only is that a great way to pay higher costs, but they might not be the best fit for you. When you choose a company that only provides towing for your flat tire, it’s going to cause more headaches in the process. We do our part to provide drivers with the ideal answer for any service call. When other companies can only offer to haul your car, it will be the last thing that we try when the solution is a simple one. Hiring our drivers is also the guaranteed way of always getting help whenever you need it, all 24-hours of every day. When you need to know that someone is looking out for you, our team is always prepared to assist you. Not all towing companies get made equally, and some charge far higher prices than they should ask. Make sure that you’re making the best decision possible by calling us first before anyone else.

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When discussing which towing service to choose, there is no accounting for experienced drivers. Our team stays comprised of local towing experts who have the training and tools that they need for any call. You also don’t need to worry about further damages to your vehicle because we only use professional equipment items. Rather than relying on old, rusty jumper cables, we utilize a portable charging unit. If we can’t help you find a fix for your problem, we can still save you more on convenient car towing. No matter what, we always help you get home.

Contact Quick Tow Service

When you need to know that your disabled vehicle is in the best hands, you need our technicians there at your side. We provide experienced drivers who know how to handle any pothole, flat tire, or dead battery you might have now.

From providing faster, more reliable towing services to the best roadside assistance options, we can help you save more every day. Whatever will benefit your vehicle the most, you can count on us to provide it all.

See why more drivers choose us each time. Contact Quick Tow Service today for better towing.

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