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The problem with calling most towing companies throughout High Point, North Carolina, is that it’s the only service that they offer. As a result, you discover yourself paying more than you anticipated on something you didn’t need, leaving you feeling ripped off.

Instead, you can count on Quick Tow Service for any service need, from more dependable vehicle hauling to 24-hour roadside assistance. Whatever solutions that you need the most, you can find them all with us for less than anyone else.

You wouldn’t pay for a meal you didn’t want to order, so why continue wasting time and money on other towing companies? Our local drivers will always remain the best choice for you, no matter why you called us.

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24 Hour Towing

Your car seems only to break down when it’s the most inconvenient. Whether you work the late shift, got caught in morning rush hour, or any other time, you can hire us all 24-hours of every day.

Other companies may stop service in the evening, or they may not begin until later in the morning. Our technicians provide better solutions around the clock, ensuring that someone is always available to help you.

Dead Battery Jumps

Jumpstarting a vehicle with cables is not only difficult to do, but it can quickly prove dangerous. One wrong technique can mean the difference between charging your battery and destroying the onboard computer systems.

As cars advance more, they also become more hazardous to try and jump their batteries yourself. Before you wind up with a permanently dead battery and car, you need our drivers there for you with safer solutions.


Vehicle Lockouts

Nothing will make someone feel more incompetent that realizing that they have locked their keys inside of their vehicle. And to add insult to injury, a mobile locksmith will charge a fortune for mere seconds of labor. Our team comes prepared with several professional methods of opening doors. No matter what type of car that you operate, we can likely get you back behind the wheel quickly, and at pricing you can afford.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Sometimes, the last thing that you need is a towing truck, but you can’t seem to find someone with the correct tools for the job. When that happens, your situation becomes that much more infuriating. Before you have a break down as well, you can count on us for the best selection of roadside assistance services. From flat tires to dead batteries, locked-in keys and more, we provide it all daily.

Winch-Out Services

Driving summer rains and blinding winter blizzards can all send you careening out of control. Once your vehicle stops moving, you’ll need a way to pry it out of ditches, sand pits, and massive potholes. Wherever your car wound up, we can safely winch it out in no time. Our technicians carefully hitch your vehicle to a mechanized winch, eliminating the need for trying to pull it out with chains and rope manually.

Flat Tire Repair & Replacement

Flat tires are among the most frequent issues more drivers face. Whether there was a ton of road construction, a prior vehicle accident, or a hole in the asphalt, plenty of things can ruin your wheels.

We can best assist you, even if you don’t have a spare on site.

No matter what caused your flat or what roadside repairs that you need, call Quick Tow Service and save.


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